Our Board of Directors

We would like to introduce you to our Board of Directors. The ministry of Family Crossfires exists by the grace of God and the hard work and dedication of these people.

Mrs. Debbie Hoffman became President of Family Crossfires Ministries, Inc. in 2015 and also became “Grandma” for the first time. She has been Vice-President since 1990 and a child care provider in her home for 30 years. Debbie has been teaching Sunday School for over 25 years at Zion Lutheran Church in Gresham, WI where she began piloting UIM SS over 20 years ago. During the beginning of UIM SS, she created many of the crafts that we still use today, doing each craft to make sure it worked and taking pictures to help people see and better understand how to make it. Today Zion, Gresham continues to offer UIM SS, and Debbie edits not only Sunday School but all UIM Resources. It is safe to say UIM SS would not exist if the Lord had not sent Debbie and her many talents to this ministry.

Dr. Pastor Cal Siegel became Vice President of Family Crossfires, Inc. in 2015. He is a retired LCMS pastor, having served a dual parish in a rural setting in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area where he began to use UIM Resources. He earned his Doctor of Ministry degree through Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Concordia University in St Paul, Minnesota. His doctoral work centered on Christian outreach and evangelism, and his dissertation was in the area of Christian education. God sent Pastor Cal to Family Crossfires to use his education and experience to develop the excellent format used for UIM SS today. In his retirement, he presently serves as religion class teacher and Confirmation instructor for St. John Lutheran School in Ringle, Wisconsin.

Ms Elizabeth Buhrke became the Secretary of Family Crossfires Ministries, Inc. in 2015, having served on the board since 1990. She is a co-founder of this ministry. By occupation she works in information technology and her skills are a blessing for the computer aspects of this ministry. However, she is a worship leader at heart. Elizabeth’s passion for the Lord compels her to share, through word and song, the dark places from which Christ has drawn her, a genuine blessing for this ministry of help and healing for generations. Her foundational joy is rooted in Christ and reflected brightly in the life of her blind son, whom God has made an extraordinary organist and sharer of the faith. She counts God and her son as integral reasons she is alive and empowered to share the gospel with others today.

Pastor Richard R. Buhrke has been the Treasurer of this ministry since 1990. Rick, together with his wife Rhonda and daughters Elizabeth and Naomi (Tom) Sumner founded Family Crossfires Ministries, Inc. in 1990. UIM was developed at Zion, Gresham, WI and St. Paul Stony Hill rural Shawano, WI, the LCMS dual parish he served up until he retired to work full time for Family Crossfires in 2009. In 2013 he accepted a call to Zion, Zachow (rural Bonduel, WI) to enjoy using the many UIM Resources developed over the years. He puts in many volunteer hours as the CFO of this ministry, somehow managing to keep on top of what is an ever increasing amount of financial requirements and forms for this non-profit ministry. While his job is endless, consuming both his time and energy, he remains a joy-filled foundation of strength for this ministry. We thank God for him and for all the talents God has given him to meet the financial needs of this ministry, which would surely and quickly fall into financial disarray without him.

Mrs. Rhonda Marie Buhrke has been the Executive Director of Family Crossfires Ministries, Inc. since 1990, when together with her husband Rick and their two daughters, she co-founded this ministry. Rhonda’s degree in theology and social work as a Lutheran Deaconess have allowed her to author three books and numerous articles and devotions that help and strengthen generations. God has helped her use her talents to write all of the United Intergenerational Resources this ministry offers today. Rhonda also continues to update our web pages with UIM Resources and is helped in marketing UIM by nephew, Alex Parins.

Alex Parins became the Marketing Strategist for Family Crossfires in 2013. Alex has a degree in Marketing from Northern Michigan University. He is another faithful servant the Lord has sent as a gift to this ministry. Alex has done graphics as a volunteer for Family Crossfires since his junior year in high school. Today, along with his full time job, Alex uses his marketing expertise to get the word out about UIM. If you would like to promote or publicize a ministry or any endeavor feel free to contact Alex by e-mail at: alex.parins@yahoo.com

Honorary Board Members

Pastor Timothy H. Lamkin Sr. served as the President of Family Crossfire, Inc. Ministries since its incorporation in 1990 until 2015. He was introduced to UIM Resources on his year of vicarage. As a pastor, he used UIM Resources when he serve congregations in Shawano, WI and Germantown, WI. Pastor Lamkin currently serves a congregation in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Pastor Lamkin’s strong faith, deep insights, and wise counsel were an extraordinary blessing to this ministry during its beginnings.

Mrs. Betty Gast served as Secretary of Family Crossfires, Inc. Ministries from 1990- 2015. Betty, a full-time wife, mother and hospital lab technician, was the Sunday School Superintendent for St. Paul Stony Hill, rural Shawano, WI where she helped to pilot UIM SS Lessons. She and her students shared what worked and what did not work. This was an enormous help in the development of UIM SS. Betty also edited lessons and created crafts for many years. This ministry is honored to have had Betty’s dedicated service and we thank the Lord for sending her to us.

Mrs. Kelly Lamkin served on the board from 1990- 2015. She was instrumental in helping us use the web site that has become foundational to this ministry. Her computer, business skills, and financial insights helped this ministry in ways we cannot begin to measure. Kelly worked hard for many years to receive her teaching degree and taught at several Lutheran High Schools over the years. In 2012 she accepted a position as a professor at Concordia University St. Paul, MN. Kelly has been one more valuable gift from God to this ministry.